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The Dumfries and Galloway Business Directory alphabetical listings, i:

Ian Crosbie School of Motoring
Intensive driver training specialist for Dumfries area, also offering hourly lessons.

The Icing on the Cake
Bespoke Cakes for any occasion. Weddings, Christenings, Birthday, Novelty ... deliveries throughout the region available.

Infiniti Computer Repair & Networks
Infiniti Computer Repair are a Dumfries based company specialising in laptop and desktop computer repair. We also offer I.T. support for residential and small business customers. CCTV and IP network camera installations are also performed.

Irvings Homestyle Bakery
Irvings produce traditional homestyle baking from their bakery in Castle Douglas, Scotland. See our range of biscuits, tray bakes, loaves and sponges.

Isle of Whithorn
Comprehensive information about the Isle of Whithorn for the visitor as well as news about the community and a growing historical interest section.

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