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Other Nominations for Dumfries & Galloway Hall of Fame

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  • I would like to nominate Edward Martin. He was world renowned in his area of expertise and was bestowed freedom of the city of London. Edward was one of those people who reached the very pinnacle of his profession, was world renowned but never left the village of Closeburn where he was born. How unique in today's world must that be.

  • I would like to second the nominations of MIKE CARTER and IAN CALLUM who have both contributed towards the modern day fame of the Region

  • Actor Michael Carter born dumfries 1947 played bib fortuna in star wars return of the jedi

  • How about my husband  Stewart McCormick ? Stewart left Dumfries approximately 18 years ago to go and work in London, a time served roofer with the Dumfries firm South East Roofing, he was only 24 years old and had never been outside Dumfries. He started his own roofing company and very quickly have became one of the biggest roofing company's in London, if not the U.K. with an annual turn over in excess of 10 million, the company was started from nothing as Stewart went down to London with simply a bag of tools.  He is now a multi millionaire businessman, his company since formed has successfully won various national industry awards on a yearly basis and counts the British Government,  The National Health, Simon Cowell and Andrew Lloyd Webber to name but a few as his clients.  Keen to give something back he regularly contributes to various charities including Great Ormond Street Hospital for sick kids. Not forgetting his Dumfries roots he contributes to Queen of the South and is a regular horseman at the yearly Guid Nychburris.
    As a boy from a council house in Lochside who came from nothing I think what Stewart has achieved deserves a mention. The roofing industry is far from glamorous but stewart has managed to monopolise it in one of the worlds biggest cities. Yours, Jude McCormick

  • i would nominate frank williams owner of williams f1 team who stayed in dumfries and attended st josephs college or brother willfred who founded st joseph's college, hibernian fc and celtic fc and is burried in dumfries
  • Another vote for Ian Callum, car designer, from Dumfries.  As well as Aston Martins and Jags, he also designed the little Ford Puma.  Wonder what he'll do next?  Is a beautiful energy-efficient flood-proof sports-car out of the question?
  • I'd like to nominate Tom Pow, a multi-prize winning poet. Although born in Edinburgh, Tom Pow has lived and worked in Dumfries for many years, and loads of ex-Academy pupils will remember him as a fabulous English teacher. Tom is also currently Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Glasgow University Dumfries .... as well as being a wonderful creative talent, he is also a lovely person - a real gentleman! Suggested by Frances Turner, May 2010
  • I would like to nominate Andrew Crosbie, 1736 -1785, Advocate, Banker.
    Lord Stowell who was Dr Johnson's travelling companion when he visited Edinburgh in 1773 said that Johnson was treated with a degree of deference bordering on pusillanimity and that Andrew Crosbie from Dumfries was almost the only one who had the courage to stand his ground against Johnson. He was the original for Councillor Pleydell in Sir Walter Scotts novels. He founded Lodge St Michael, Dumfries. He is buried in the family vault in St Michaels Churchyard. Suggested by The Reverend Andrew Crosbie
  • Re the nomination for Ian Callum, I heartily endorse it. However I would point out to the nominator that the Aston Martin DB7, “arguably the most beautiful car in the world”, was designed by Ian BEFORE he transferred to Jaguar, so they of course asked him to come up with something very similar but with their badge on it – hence the Jaguar XK series. It is not a patch on the DB7 design. It has a very ugly rear bumper (US market needs?) and sits higher on the road that the DB7. I just wanted to emphasis the order in which the two cars appeared – Aston first, Jaguar very much second. Best Regards, Terry Farebrother
  • I would like to nominate Archibald Arnott. He lived at Kirkconnel hall in Ecclefechan between 1772 and 1855 and was a British Army surgeon best remembered as Napoleon's doctor on St. Helena, and who was present at the Emperor's autopsy. He moved back to Ecclefechan in his retirement and he is buried in Ecclefechan churchyard. Suggested by Douglas Cook
  • I nominate Joseph Thomson - East and North African explorer. Thomson Gazelle and Thomson Fall are named after him. An amazing man whose slogan was “If you travel gently you travel safe” - quite a different approach to many other explorers of his time. Suggested by Sue Greig
  • I certainly think you should have Allan McNish in your Hall of Fame. Not only is he an outstanding race driver, but he is a loyal Scotsman and true to his country. He is an absolute charming gentleman who is always at the ready to speak about his beloved Dumfries, Scotland.
  • What about Dorothy Paulin, born Dumfries 03-02-1904 and died 10-5-1982.  She edited a number of magazines, including the Gallovidian Annual, Scottish Home and Country and Soil Association Magazine among others.   She wrote articles and poems for several publications, particularly Country Life, as well as 4 books of poetry during her lifetime. Suggested by K.S Kaye, Glasgow
  • Andrew Coltart - european tour golfer and ryder cup player.
    Born in Thornhill  1970, educated at Wallace Hall academy primary and secondary
  • What about a mention of Sawney Bean?  Surely this character, real or legendary, has attracted a lot of people to look into the Dumfries and Galloway area?  I am personally writing a novel (faction type) based on the Bean family and  am surprised to see no mention of him or his family on your site. James Crosbie (Author)
  • Ian Callum - Car designer and currently Design Director at Jaguar where he headed the team responsible for designing the stunning new Jaguar XK sports car. The Aston Martin DB7, which was also styled by Callum, is widely regarded to be one of the most beautiful and timeless automotive designs. Ian was born in Dumfries (?) in 1954 and educated at Dumfries Academy. From: David Thomson (formerly of Dumfries)
  • Given that you have included Ayrshire born Robert Burns in your list, perhaps you should include Bill Drummond also. A few months after his birth in South Africa, the Drummond family moved to Newton Stewart where his father 'Jack' became minister of a local Kirk. The family later moved to England and Drummond went on to work as an A&R man for a record company where he signed such Scottish acts as The Proclaimers, Strawberry Switchblade and Splairgin' Glit. After releasing an album of his own music (which contained many references to his hometown of Newton Stewart) he went on to form The KLF who in turn become the biggest single selling band worldwide in 1991. He then gained recognition as an artist and some notoriety too, particularly when he allegedly burned a million pounds on the isle of Jura. Furthermore, Bill Drummond has written and co-written a number of highly regarded books (in which again he makes frequent refereces to his childhood in Galloway) and continues to display and perform his various art projects internationally.
  • What about william paterson born tynwald, founder of the bank of england?
  • I feel the actor, Sam Heughan, would merit joining the Hall of Fame. He was born on April 30th, 1980, in New Galloway and always showed a flair for acting. While still studying at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, he found his first big break, starring in the award-winning drama Outlying Islands, penned by David Greig. His performance brought him instant recognition and, in 2003, he was nominated in the Most Promising Performer category, in Britain's prestigious Lawrence Olivier Awards. This accolade launched him into the public view and The Scotsman voted him as one of the Top 10 most eligible bachelors in the country.
    His next appearance was in Island at War which was serialized in a prime-time evening slot on ITV, in July / August 2004. Scarcely had shooting wrapped up, than Sam was sought after and signed up for the lead part in Ilya Salkind's Young Alexander. Producer Salkind’s list of box office successes includes the massive hit Superman and comparisons have already been drawn between Sam Heughan and Christopher Reeve, both relatively unknown before Salkind launched their Hollywood careers.
    Sam has most recently been seen as Kelly-Marie’s boyfriend, Andrew, in the BBC soap, River City where he portrayed a top football player with Livingston FC, thereby gaining a new legion of fans, particularly of the female variety.
    From Bobbie Ingram,
  • I'd like to nominate Nicky Spence. He was born and bred in Dumfries, was schooled at Wallace Hall Academy, and still stays with his family in Queen Street when he's in the area. He's seen as one of the most up & coming singers in the country and is an absolute asset to the region... he's one of the most exciting things to happen to Dumfries this millenium and is always flying the flag for his beloved Scotland. Shouldn't we give him something back to congratulate him? Fiona Lewis, Dumfries
  • I am astonished that there is no mention of Dr. John G. Paton the world famous missionary who was born in Torthorwald in 1824. Paton spent his missionary life in the New Hebrides in the Pacific Ocean. His autobiography which he wrote in the 1880's was a bestseller, and he was ranked at the time as inspirational a figure to future missionaries as David Livingstone. Although it is claimed that there was a sadistic side to his nature, Paton surely deserves local mention. There are details about him insribed on the gateway of Torthorwald Church. Nominated by Hugh Beattie, Brownrigg Loaning, Dumfries.
  • william brown simpson..ex-provost and proud man of dumfries. From Sara Carswell
  • I would like to nominate my Grandfather to the Dumfries and Galloway Hall of Fame. His name was Isaac John Farrell and was the first man from Dumfries to be presented with the Military Medal in 1918. From Joseph Montgomery
  • What about Air Chief Marshal Lord Hugh Dowding of Moffat? He was Commander-in-Chief of Fighter Command from 1936 to 1940 and was instrumental in helping the RAF win the battle of Britain.
    And there's also Alexander Anderson, the poet from Kirkconnel, who rose from being a railway worker to become Chief Librarian at Edinburgh University. From James Gracie
  • You should include Dr Flora Murray, of Murraythwaite, Ecclefechan. A militant suffragist and founder of the Women's Hospital Corps, which ran three military hospitals in WWI, all entirely staffed by women. The first two were in France, the third was a very large hospital in the centre of London, in Endell Street - the only military hospital run by women which was officially attached to the RAMC. Flora Murray was Doctor in Charge, ranking as Lt Colonel, the only woman the British army recognised at that rank equivalent in WWI. Over the period the hospital was open (1915-1919) it treated over 26,000 male patients (this at a time when women normally only did gynaecology, paediatrics or public health). Incredibly well known at the time, Endell st has now been all but forgotten. I could tell you a lot more about her, if you were interested. She was a remarkable woman.
    Before the war she was official physician to Mrs Pankhurst's WSPU, and treated hunger strikers when they were released from Holloway. A very vocal feminist, unsurprisingly. From: Dr Jennian Geddes, London
  • Perhaps famous people in terms of modern author David Carroll 'Dumfries in pictures' - Regards, Jill Bulgan.
  • I am researching a piece on early Australia and there is a character transported on the first fleet named Thomas Watling of Dumfries. He was an artist and was transported for forgery. He then began to draw and paint some of the first images and landscapes of New South Wales. His work was and is still considered some of the most important work in regards the history of Australia and his paintings are visible in a collection in London called the Watling collection. Regards David Field.
  • Where is golfer Andrew Coltart in your hall of fame? We are all very proud of him - we were fortunate enough to see him play at Valderama in Spain - one of these lovely days - sun shining and we were very proud to see the Scottish flag fluttering in the breeze. J&J Dunlop, Castle Douglas.
  • I would like to nominate every man and woman of Dumfries and Galloway who have over the years gone forth in the service of their country, although not " famous" like many on the list all are heroes and none of them should ever be forgotten. From: James Cowan.
  • Peter Handyside, journeyman footballer and current captain of Barnsley FC in the English second division.
    Dominic Matteo is a worthy addition however he would faint at Stuart Raes entry stating Liverpool, Leeds and of all countries ENGLAND! Dom was a star for the Scottish national side only retiring from Scotland duty through persistent injury! He did not and I'm sure would not ever play for England. He is currently captain of premiership strugglers Leeds United. From: Jim Cowan.
  • Two that stand out are: Dominic Matteo, footballer with Liverpool, Leeds and England who was born in Dumfries and Duncan Hodge (Scottish International Rugby star and goal kicker). From: Stuart Rae
  • In racing you have David Coulthard and Alan McNish. In rallying you have a British Champion and she is also female, Barbara Armstrong from Clarebrand, near Castle Douglas. She drove for SEAT UK as a works driver from 1996 until 2000 and was British Ladies Rally Champion in 1998 and 1999. In 2001 she to crossed over to racing, something which very few drivers have done and especially to be a works driver in both disciplines. And drove as a works driver for Porsche GB in the Porsche Cup. She can be found at www.barbaraarmstrong.com From: RACINGLINE, Milton Keynes
  • I find your 'Hall of Fame' section very helpful but where, oh where, is Kirkpatrick Macmillan? Anne W Boyle, Wallace Hall Academy, Thornhill
  • The amazing playwright Tracy Hitchen has recently moved to Dumfries and, after her continued success, it seems a shame to miss her out! Mrs Sally Reeve Edwards, Englan
  • I would like to nominate Dr. W. A. F. Browne (1805-1885). Although born in Stirling it was he who brought international recognition to the Crichton Institution through his work with the mentally ill and who pioneered innovative therapies to aid in their recovery. Where he led others followed. Billy Gunn
  • Joseph Thomson, explorer in East Africa. Named the Thomson Gazelle, amongst others. Still remembered with respect by the Masai tribes. Born Penpont, lived in Gatelawbridge. Statue in Thornhill, museum in Penpont. Suggested by Irene McCann, Crichton University Campus
  • I think Gerald Stevenson (see below) means ALEXANDER MURRAY, born in the Galloway hills, learned his alphabet by writing the letters in the fireside ashes with a heather twig,became minister of Urr Parish then Professor of Oriental Languages in the University of Edinburgh and Founder of the Science of language in Europe, the only person in GB able to translate a letter to the King from Abyssinia. There's tons more on his achievments - read about him. Suggested by Jim Cook, Inverkeithing
  • What about Dominic Matteo who plays in the premeriership in england for leed's united, formerly of Liverpool! Suggested by Graham Scott, Limerick ex-Dumfries, Ireland
  • What about the many traditional musicians who have contributed to the cultural life of Dumfries and Galloway. In recent times, singers such as the folk group Stravaig, have championed the cause of Dumfries and Galloway all over the world through their music. Pete Heywood, The Living Tradition, admin@livingtradition.co.uk
  • Arrol-JohnsonOriginal firm was Arrol-Johnson, Sir William Arrol was the Engineer (who I am told is Scotlands most famous) responsible for such works as the bridge in Edinburgh, Sydney Harbour, Nile bridge in Egypt and London Bridge. The car company commenced in 1895 making "Dog Carts" a very basic car. The photo of the factory shows a huge 250,000square ft modern 3 storey factory beside a river. Nominated by: Peter, Australia
  • Robert Alexander RankinShould the mathemetician Robert Alexander Rankin not be included in the hall of fame? The man who decended from Garlieston was one of the important mathematicians of last century (sadly passing away last year) - just because maths is not pushed in our face everyday does not mean this gifted man should be ignored. Nominated by: Annonymous
  • One notable absentee in your list is current Formula 1 driver and 1998 Le Mans winner Allan McNish - Nominated by: Annonymous
  • FaedsI would like to suggest the Faeds. It is remakable that one Gatehouse family should have produced so many talented artists. Their success encouraged others to follow in their footsteps and made the Kirkcudbright School a possibility. Nominated by: David Steel, Gatehouse of Fleet
  • You should really have mentioned James Patterson in your Hall of Fame. He was born at Tinwald and helped organise the Darien Expedition and also founded The Bank of England. Nominated by: Andrew J. Graham, Dumfries and Galloway
  • Should you not include James Murray to the hall of fame, after all there is a monument erected in his honour on the Queens' Way. Nominated by: Gerald Stevenson, Canada
  • Sir Herbert Maxwell, from Monreith House, Galloway's grand old man, he gave a lifetime's service to Galloway and Scotland.His books will endure for all time. He died 1937 at the age of ninety-three. Nominated by: Ian McCrae J P, Australia

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