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Hearts by Trevor Leat Corralejo Window by Morag Muir Henry Moore's King and Queen

Arts and Crafts
in Dumfries and Galloway

Dumfries and Galloway has a wide variety of arts and crafts venues, galleries, museums and shops where you can spend a cultural day out and about, with the family, in south west Scotland.

In this Arts & Crafts section you will find information about:

Artists & Craft-Makers

Cairn by Andy Goldsworthy near Penpont in Dumfries and Galloway

Artists and Craft-Makers based in Dumfries and Galloway, many of whom have open workshops or studios where visitors can view the creative process and meet the maker. From ceramacists to jewellery designers, painters to potters - this region plays host to a wide variety of arts and crafts.

Galleries & Museums

Gracefield Arts Centre in Dumfries and Galloway

Galleries and Museums for Days Out in south west Scotland .

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Dumfries & Galloway: An Artistic Tradition

The landscape and climatic conditions of Dumfries and Galloway have long been an attraction for artists and craftmakers.

This includes the fishing port of Kirkcudbright (pronounced Kirkoobree), often referred to as the 'St Ives of Scotland'. In the 1880's Kirkcudbright became the focus of an artists' colony including illustrator Jessie M King and her husband E A Taylor, E A Hornel and George Henry - contemporaries of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and founder members of the group of artists known as 'the Glasgow Boys'.

Metalwork by Fin BarlowKirkcudbright boasts the Hornel Art Gallery, the Stewartry Museum and the Tollbooth Arts Centre - just a small selection of the 54 galleries and museums in Dumfries and Galloway.

Art lovers visiting south west Scotland can find Jake Harveys' monument to Hugh McDiarmid overlooking the town of Langholm and works by environmental sculptor Andy Goldsworthy near Moniaive, Penpont and in the grounds of Gracefield Arts Centre. [Pictured on right: work by Finn Barlow]

Gracefield Arts Centre, the largest of the galleries in the Region, houses a permanent collection of Scottish painting from the 1890's and presents a regular programme of international contemporary arts and crafts exhibitions.

Gracefield is also the base for the Regional Crafts Officer who is responsible for promotion and exhibition of the Regions products.

Textiles by Janet O'DonnellThe craft shop at Gracefield has samples of work and details of the suppliers. There are selections of Ceramics, Printmaking, Jewellery, Clogs and Shoes, Textiles, Toys, Furniture, Wood turning, Metal, Glass and Knitwear. [Pictured on left: work by Janet O'Donnell]

The beauty of the crafts culture in the Region is its availability. Many of the products are sold not just to tourists and visitors on a buying spree, but appear on many a mantelpiece in Dumfries and Galloway.

The Region is rightly proud of its craft culture.

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