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The Barbecue House Company
Barbecue houses, saunas, summerhouses and playhouses to buy online.

Blooms Florist
Located within travelling distance of Gretna Green, we supply unique and creative floral arrangements for your wedding or special occasion, using only the highest quality flowers. 

Boogaloo Live Band Entertainment
A professional band provding 50s to present day music, scottish ceilidh with dance calling and disco support.

Border Travel
One of Scotlands leading independent travel agencies with over 40 years standing.

Brass Tacks Upholstery Services
A small family run business in Crocketford on the A75. We specialise in quality upholstery services, fabrics and upholstery supplies. We also sell Bronzes and garden ornaments, occasional furniture and other items for the home.

Brian Sherman Wedding Photography
Wedding photography by the regions leading professional studio.

Bundarra Meishans
Home of the rare meishan pigs, ideal for smallholders or outdoor pets.

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