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Haas-Tek Industrial Services Ltd
Process plant relocation services including process machinery removal and installation, and specialist transportation.

Hallidays Hair Salons
Professional Hairstylists in Kirkcudbright (01557-330982) and Newton Stewart (01671-401253).

The Handmade Craft House
A family-run gift shop in Dumfries, specialising in choice gifts and handmade artwork, furniture, soaps, toys, jewellery, decorations, cards and much more besides.

Hi-Line Kitchens & Joinery
Specialising in kitchen design and installation our extensive collection offers practical designs with the latest appliance and lighting technology delivering you something that not only looks great, but is functional too.

Hippidippies Gift Shop and Gallery in Wigtown
Independent gift shop selling a range of hand made gifts, art and photography produce by crafters and artisans in the D&G area.

Hoggett Creative Graphic Design, Print & Photography
Graphic design, photography and print for brochures, stationery, packaging, point of sale through to exhibition displays. We don't specialise in one particular area of print, but offer a creative design service for every aspect of print.

Holm Sown
Modern and friendly shop providing craft classes, fabric and haberdashery for dressmaking, patchwork and quilting in southern Scotland.

Holy Socks
We produce socks with Biblical motifs for all ages. Also Biblical Brollies!

Horseshoe Carriages
Arrive at your wedding in style ... in an elegant victorian carriage.

Bespoke Solutions for Businesses without their own Personnel Department.

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